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Paedodontic is a branch of  orthodontic specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities of children.

When you treat children, is very important to establish a relationship based on trust between the young patient and the dental center. For this reason, we recommend to bring soon as possible the child to met the dentist and her staff. This could help to make less traumatic the difficult relationship between child and dentist.

By establishing the right complicity, the dentist will be able to teach to young patients the proper techniques for brushing, explaining, each step of their growth, new oral hygiene techniques.

In this way, we will try to prevent the onset of decay processes on primary teeth at the same time helping parents to understand the different development stages of their children’s mouth.


Conservative therapy

The conservative therapy treats dental caries eliminating them and closing the damaged cavities.

After a clinical and radiographic diagnosis, the dentist performs the conservative therapy to remove the carious process, which damage the health and the aesthetics of the tooth.
De Pascalis dental center uses only the latest techniques and materials in order to deliver excellent aesthetic results.


Endodontic treatment-root canal treatment

Endodontic is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp.

When dental cavities are so deep that is impossible to keep the tooth alive, the dentist performs the root canal treatment: he removes the decayed tissue from the root canals and seals them to prevent further infections.

Endodontic treats the diseases of the dental roots which are essential for conservative and prosthetics treatments.
De Pascalis dental center performs the root canal treatment even on previously devitalized teeth ,in case of pain.

Using modern techniques such as apex locators and rotary endodontic instruments, the staff is able to get an accurate result about apical seals.

igiene orale

Oral Hygiene

There are no doubts about the great importance of a correct dental hygiene to prevent oral diseases.

Visiting your dentist regularly and brushing and flossing your teeth properly- as well as you can prevent dental caries.


Professional teeth whitening helps to remove stains on your teeth.

We can help you to have an healthier and brighter smile.
During the whitening treatment we use a whitening compound that quickly and painlessly cleans your teeth, removing all the stains from the tooth surface, restoring the natural and shiny look of your teeth.

In just one session ,we can drastically reduce the thee sensitivity and discomfort.

We use a product that acting on the teeth surface restores their structure with natural minerals that develop a layer similar to dental enamel.

This layer strengthens and regenerates the damaged surface of the teeth, increasing the resistance to the daily aggressions caused by teeth brushing, acid attacks, fruit juices, drinks and sweets.

Teeth whitening laser

Laser is the most rapid and efficient procedure to have natural white teeth without any side effects or sensitivity.
The whitening action is induced by an oxidation process of the gel to hydrogen peroxide, which, painted on the surface of each tooth, is activated by the laser light.
The peroxide starts to dissolve and to release free radicals which, by acting on molecular pigments, reflect the laser light on the teeth creating a whitening effect.
The presence of titanium dioxide in the preparation allows to use a lower concentration of peroxide and limiting the side effects.



Periodontics is a dental specialty that involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth.

Periodontal surgery, treats ,when it’s possible ,the periodontal disease.(periodontitis). Not treated properly the periodontitis can lead to the bone loss and then to the tooth loss.

The periodontal disease, detected early, can be treated by non-surgical systems such as scaling and root planing to remove sub-gingival tartar and bacteria.

In a more advance stage of the disease are needed surgical procedures such as: Surgery Resection to reshape the bone defects – Regenerative surgery to recreate the supporting tissue around the teeth.

Early diagnosis and treatments, can cure the periodontal disease, preserving the teeth longer.



Implantology is a surgical specialty of dentistry used to replace missing teeth and counter further loss of teeth.

A Dental implant is a screw made of pure titanium that is placed on the maxilla or mandible to substitute the roots of lost teeth . In the case of complete edentulism it can be helpful to replace your lost natural teeth allowing you to retain a natural biting and chewing capacity.


Dental Implant

New dental prosthesis are resistant, functional and more natural looking.

Prosthesis can be considered an effective long term solution when it’s no longer possible to maintain your original teeth.
Thanks to the use of dental implants and studying a proper treatment we can get an adequate oral rehabilitation.

Dental prosthesis can be fixed or mobile.

When it’s possible, in some cases, we can reach also a good aesthetic result.



Thanks to the orthodontic treatments a lot of patients are back to smile.

Smiling is good for all ages. Usually ,people think that orthodontic treatments are only for children. This is not true. Orthodontic treatments have no age limitations .

It’s never too late to take care of your health and to prevent complications. The movement of the teeth is determined by the same mechanisms both in children and adults. Orthodontic treatment in adults allows to improve the teeth alignment…. And improve functional problems caused by teeth misalignment. In addiction are also involved the gum’s health, the temporomandibular joint and the masticatory musculature.

Orthodontic treatment, in children and teenagers prevents the grown diversion of bone structures and the dental misalignment.

Dr Luigi Quartone, qualified orthodontist treats both children and adults. The foundations for an efficient orthodontic treatment are the use of appropriate orthodontic techniques and high quality materials.

Maximum comfort for the patient, speed in resolving diagnostic problems and respect for aesthetic are the most important requirements for an efficient orthodontic treatment. Depending on the patient’s age, therapeutic goals and individual needs, we choose the most appropriate orthodontic technique to solve the dental problem:

- Interceptive and functional orthodontics
– Preprosthetic orthodontic
MBT orthodontic techniques
– aesthetic orthodontic, crystal clear braces, ICE
– Invisible orthodontic treatment Invisalign



Treat bruxism means eliminate the deseases that arise from muscle tension to headaches.

Many people have the habit of grind their teeth while they are awake or during sleep. A constant and often unconscious grinding of the teeth, makes them weak, increasing their sensitivity to cold and heat. Teeth grinding can cause a severe muscle contraction which involves the muscles of the neck, shoulder and face.

People who grind their teeth often struggle to fully open the mouth and sometimes they can also hear a clicking of the TMJ(temporomandibular joints).
One of the most common cause is undoubtedly stress: frustration, worries and anxiety are somatized with bruxims.
Teeth grinding is a way to relieve all the nervous tensions caused by stress.
In some cases there are also some mechanical problems such as an improper alignment of the dental arches or JMT’s disorder.

Finally the bruxism may also result from a poor posture that can promote a dislocation of the JMT.
The most successful treatment for bruxism is bite: a custom- made mouth or nights guard made of plastic ( acrylic )that prevent tooth-on tooth contact.
The bite can be worn during the sleep protecting the dental enamel ,gums and teeth from the grinding moreover it helps to relax the jaw muscle at night preventing frequent headaches.


Maintenance therapy

Maintenance treatment is important as well as all the other therapies.

De Pascalis dental center’s staff will continue to take care of its patients even after the treatments using individual maintenance plans created and tailored by the dentist on the client’s individual requirements.

Maintenance therapy includes:
- A clinical inspection of the oral cavity
- A recheck of the plaque’s indicators
- At least once a year a session of professional teeth cleaning and intraoral x-rays to prevent the formation of cavities.

luce pulsata

Pulsed Light

Pulsed light procedure can be used to treat different skin condition in a non invasive and efficient way.

The process of aging leaves evident signs on your skin including brown spots caused by an irregular melanin’s concentration and different types of wrinkles.

IPL technology is an efficient treatment against aging because it produces a gradual photorejuvenation process using a non invasive procedure that doesn’t require any downtime and doesn’t have collateral effect often associated with other medical and surgical procedures.